Dogin salainen tehtävä 2009

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma try to keep Dug out of their way while they hunt for Kevin the Snipe. However, their instructions for his "very special mission" keep backfiring on them.

All Titles
  • Dogin erikoistehtävä
  • US: Dug's Special Mission Dug's Special Mission
  • BR: A Missão Especial do Dug A Missão Especial do Dug
  • CA: Doug en mission spéciale Doug en mission spéciale
  • FR: Doug en mission Spéciale Doug en mission Spéciale
  • DE: Dugs Sondereinsatz Dugs Sondereinsatz
  • HU: Dug különleges feladata Dug különleges feladata
  • IT: La missione speciale di Dug La missione speciale di Dug
  • NO: Hunns spesialoppdrag Hunns spesialoppdrag
  • RU: Спецзадание Дага Спецзадание Дага
  • ES: La misión especial de Dug La misión especial de Dug
  • SE: Dogges specialuppdrag Dogges specialuppdrag
Directed by Ronnie Del Carmen show all movies of Ronnie Del Carmen
Artists Edward Asner
as Carl Fredricksen (voice)
Delroy Lindo
as Beta
Bob Peterson
as Dug / Alpha
Release date 10 Nov 2009
Genre Animation Short Comedy Family Fantasy
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