George ja A.J. 2009

After Nurses George and A.J. of the Shady Oaks Retirement Village witness Carl leaving with his house towed by balloons, other senior citizens around the city are inspired to make their own "escapes", much to George and A.J.'s chagrin.

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  • US: George and A.J. George and A.J.
  • FR: George et A.J. George et A.J.
  • RU: Джордж и ЭйДжей Джордж и ЭйДжей
  • ES: George y A.J. George y A.J.
Directed by Josh Cooley show all movies of Josh Cooley
Artists Bob Peterson
as Dug
Steve Purcell
as Carl Fredricksen
Peter Sohn
as Russell
Release date 12 Nov 2009
Genre Animation Short Comedy Family
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