Muusa 1999

With his career on the skids, a Hollywood screenwriter enlists the aid of a modern-day muse, who proves to test his patience.

All Titles
  • US: The Muse The Muse
  • AT: Die Muse Die Muse
  • BR: A Musa A Musa
  • BG: Музата Музата
  • CA: La muse La muse
  • HR: Muza Muza
  • CZ: Múza Múza
  • FR: La muse La muse
  • DE: Die Muse Die Muse
  • GR: I mousa I mousa
  • GR: Η Μούσα Η Μούσα
  • HU: A múzsa csókja A múzsa csókja
  • IT: La dea del successo La dea del successo
  • JP: Hollywood Muse Hollywood Muse
  • JP: Hollywood Muse Hollywood Muse
  • LT: Muza Muza
  • MX: La musa La musa
  • PL: Muza Muza
  • PT: A Musa A Musa
  • RO: Muza Muza
  • RU: Муза Муза
  • RS: Muza Muza
  • SK: Múza Múza
  • SI: Muza Muza
  • ES: La musa La musa
  • ES: La musa La musa
  • SE: Drömfabriken Drömfabriken
  • TR: Seksi peri Seksi peri
  • UA: Муза Муза
Directed by Albert Brooks show all movies of Albert Brooks
Artists James Cameron
as James Cameron
Martin Scorsese
as Martin Scorsese
Sharon Stone
as Sarah Little
Release date 27 Aug 1999
Genre Comedy
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